Thursday, April 23, 2009


Another fun day at the office. With some time to kill while I was waiting around, I started up another game of Brick Breaker.

Things were going well and I was knocking through each level. I had 5 lives left and my highest score ever when I had to finish some business. I thought I could balance the blackberry on my lap as I went to grab some paper.

It didn't work.

I thought it was secure but I guess the slightest upper body twist, or a precarious little leg raise re-positioned the whole wedge dynamics. I felt the slide and then heard the splash. Shit. Shit.

A big gracias to Rosa for the glove.

On the bright side, I guess my thighs are not as wide as I thought. On the other side, I'm once again convinced that I'm already dead and this is hell.

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