Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Someone Stole My Karma

I work for a global financial institution with over 100,000 employees. I'm a senior executive with a mind-numbing job. To pass the time, I've had the luxury of being able to work on my passion - screenplay writing. I sit in my private office and read, research, edit and try to believe that I have the best screenplay out there.

I've been working on a screenplay for quite some time but have not told anyone in the office what I have been doing behind my closed door. I think that's a bit unprofessional. So imagine my surprise when I'm sitting in the cafeteria one day with some colleagues and the conversation goes something like this:

"Hey, did you hear about Wally?"

"Who's Wally?"

"You know, the guy who worked in facilities."

"I don't know Wally."

"Yeah, he's the guy you call to move your furniture. He sat on the other side of the floor."

"I don't know Wally."

"He moved your stuff when we switched floors last year."

"I don't know Wally."

"Well, his movie just came out."

Shocked silence.

"What movie?"

"You know, the movie he's been writing. He just had a premiere a little while ago. Invited some people from the office to attend."

"No. I don't know about his movie."

"He's been working on it for a while. I thought everyone in the office knew about it."

"No. What kind of movie?"

"A big Hollywood movie. A-list actors and a famous director. You should've seen the opening night in New York."

"No one told me about it."

"Oh. He invited most of the floor."

"So, where is he now?"

"He quit. The day the movie came out, his check came in the mail. He jumped up and told his boss he was leaving immediately. No two week notice or anything. He just left, ran out laughing."

My heart sunk. That's been my dream, to run out of here laughing my head off. I mean, how many guys in a global bank with 100,000 people are writing movies? And of those guys who may be writing one, how many are sitting on my floor? And worse, what's the likelihood that a second guy from the same floor, same bank is going to have the lucky break to get his movie sold?

No sir, lightning does not strike twice. This guy stole my karma because I'm already dead and this is hell.


  1. is this for real? or a made up story...wow

  2. True story, although the name was changed.