Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swine and Whine

It's always interesting to see how public emotions can so easily be whipped into a frenzy. Swine flu has been making the rounds in the press for the last couple of months or so. Schools are ready to close at a moments notice, people are immediately suspicious of someone who sneezes and you think twice about putting yourself in public situations.

Of course, if you follow the stats, about three people have unfortunately died so far from the strain. However, this past winter season many thousands died from the regular flu and there was not even mention about that. Perhaps, it's the name - Swine. Sounds nasty and makes for a good headline.

The hysteria still carries on and today our mailroom guy made the rounds to everyone's desks with a box filled with Sani-Gel and a little flyer on how hygiene can help save my life.

I love the smell of these antibacterials. The real good ones smell like a gin and tonic. Those, I don't mind using, even though overuse of this stuff can make the bacteria more resistant and stronger.

I thought it was quite funny that the company was spending money on this and handing them out to everyone. Do they really care about my well being? Or, do they just want to make sure I don't miss work? I think the latter. I mean, they only clean the bathrooms once a week and that place is regular germ factory. They don't bother filling the soap dispensers when they run out or keeping enough of those paper toilet covers in stock, but they're content to hand each of us bottle of clear gel as if this will protect us.

I guess I should be grateful for what I was given. This poor bank had already weathered so much during these unprecedented economic times. While they had already lost shareholder value and needed to be propped up by continued government funding, the last thing they would want to lose is me.

As I held the Sani-Gel in my hand, I tried to think which would be a better - rubbing it on my hands or just popping open the top and drinking it.

The way things have been going a nice stiff Sani-Gel and Tonic could hit the spot.

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  1. Try sneezing on your superiors or blowing your nose in your palm before offering a handshake... that might do wonders for getting canned.