Monday, August 17, 2009

Get a Job!

The economy still sucks. Many of us have either lost our jobs or are looking for new ones. And I'm on vacation.

How are you?

It's without fail that while I'm out of the office, a place I have been looking to leave for quite some time, I get a call for a job opportunity. This happened to me last year as well while I was on vacation, so I suppose I should've expected it. The fact that I don't get these calls when I'm in my office where my focus is predominantly on job searching is, well, the subject of this entire blog.

I suppose I should be happy that someone called at all, no matter what time it occurs. It's been a rough year and with all the resumes I've shot out there and all the follow up I have been trying to do, this was one of the first calls I received in a very long time. As my friend , John, says about his job search, "I just want to know that I'm still good looking, that someone loves me out there."

My cell phone rang at 8:58 am this Monday. It woke me up. (BTW, it would've woken me during a typical work week as well but that's fodder for another blog entry). It took two rings for me to realize what it was, another ring for me to clear my throat and practice a quick "hello" and then I answered it by the fourth. One doesn't want to be too quick to respond in these situations, even though I had no idea who the hell was calling me on Monday morning during my vacation.

"Hello?" I scratched out. My voice was obviously groggy.

"Hi, this is Sarah Westport with Executive Recruiters. Is this is a good time to speak?"

"Yes!" I said authoritatively but the nasal sound of a deep sleep was still resonating.

"Uh, okay. You sent us your information regarding a marketing position and I wanted to get back to you. You're sure this is a good time?"

"Yes, yes." I had sent out so many resumes I had no idea which job she was referencing. By now, my wife had walked into the room and handed me a pen and a back of a magazine to write something on. I'm still in bed trying to pretend I'm not asleep, and I have pen ready to write down something in case I need to remember some information. I had already forgotten the woman's name.

"We have the information you sent us for the job in New York but another job came up which I thought your background was perfect for as well," she said.

I'm starting to feel the love. Now, I may be sitting on two job opportunities. Not bad for a Monday morning on vacation!

"This other opportunity," she continued, "is for a multi-national organization that needs someone to re-think their marketing and branding strategies."

Right up my alley, I thought.

"The company is based in Atlanta. Would you be able re-locate down there?"

What!? I'm lying in bed, on vacation, and now some woman I don't even know is asking me to move. "Uh, I don't think a re-location to Atlanta would be possible. I would like to stay in the tri-state area."

"Oh, they're pretty adamant about the position being in Atlanta."

"Yeah, I don't think I can move, but what about the other position you mentioned."

"Well, that one is looking more for a chief marketing officer background. It looks like your current position is not the chief marketing officer."

Duh! Do you think if I was the chief marketing officer of my current 100,000 person company I'd be worrying about looking for a job? I'd be set with some type of golden parachute anyway. "Well, my current company has well over 100,000 people. I'm in charge of one of the divisions, but in my previous company I did have the role of being the head marketing and performed many of the same duties that a chief marketing ..."

"Uh huh. I'll take another look at your resume and let you know if we think there's a fit."


"We'll be in touch. Goodbye."


My wife was staring at me the whole time. "Head hunter?"


"You didnt' want to move to Atlanta?"

"No. We can't move."

"You should've said yes. If they like you you can negotiate later."

"That's lying."

"Everyone does it. You'd be surprised how flexible people can be if they want you."

"You'd move to Atlanta?"

"I'm not moving, but you could commute. You should've said yes." She huffed and walked out of the room.

Now where's the love? It's not like I was out of a job. I had not come to desperate measures yet. I just was looking and now my wife was kicking me out of the house, on my vacation no less.

I rolled back over, looked at the clock. About five minutes had passed in my private hell.

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  1. Different lifestyle down there. It might have been okay for a year or two but beyond that you'd be a zombie in no time... maybe the next headhunter will want you to relocate to Vegas... if so, give it some thought.