Monday, January 4, 2010

The Little Guy

If Tiger Woods was only able to keep his eyes on the road, the wheels straight, and his text messages hidden, none of this nightmare would've happened - for now.

But a slight turn, an obstacle in the way, a golf club shattering a window and bam! - he's in hell.

The media have had their fun exhausting this story, and by now, most of us don't really care anymore. Ever since I saw O.J. Simpson being chased down the highway in his Bronco, I gave up my naive view on the morality of sports legends. You can add ophthalmologists, little league coaches and the clergy to the list as well.

Shame on us for thinking any of these people are above the frailties of being human. Why do we always expect more? Why do we always think this guy is different?

I believe they should teach examples of this stuff in school, prepare us for reality. For instance, after we learn about the achievements of George Washington and Ben Franklin we should also hear about the other dalliances of our fondling fathers. This way we keep things level and reduce the chance of inferiority complexes as we grow up because we don't become presidents, astronauts or little league coaches.

The other headlines Tiger is making are the daily tallies of his sponsorships that are being cancelled, one-by-one. Most of us believe Tiger already has enough cash and won't be hurt financially by these decisions. And I'm sure that is true. But we have all failed to think about a small group of people who will be hurt. People who are behind the scenes, away from the limelight for the most part. A group who does have to worry about where the next dollar will come from. After all, these people are not athletes, they're not superstars. They have nothing to fall back on. They're just people. People who lived symbiotically off of Tiger. I'm talking about the ten percenters, the agents.

These are people who have benefitted from Tiger's riches. They bought fancy cars, too. They had multiple homes, as well. They enjoyed exotic vacations because that was the lifestyle they grew accustomed to. And now that the golden calf has turned into a giant cubic zirconium divot, who will feed the meter? What will they do since they never had to do anything?

I'm truly worried about these people. They're only at their best when they're shilling for others. They don't know how to fend for themselves. They need our support.

So the next time another star falls from grace and you laugh, snicker at this unfortunate situation, think about that poor sycophant that will be hurt. And think about the lesser heard second part of that insightful Alexander Pope quote: "To err is human, to forgive is divine."

Happy New Year!

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  1. These celebrities are no different from anybody else. Even preachers, televangelists, and Catholic bishops have had sex scandals.