Friday, March 5, 2010

Go On, Smell It

Who knows how old this stuff is? I think SPF 4 may be outlawed by now. But I keep a little stash hidden away, for special occasions.

Any time I need a little splash of summer, I open the flip-top, give a gentle squeeze around the bottle's midriff, and inhale the fresh essence. It's like being on the beach. Go ahead, you know you wanna try it.


  1. Being kind of young, I am profoundly amused that SPF 4 ever existed. It seems like such a random number! The lowest I've seen is 5, and that was tanning lotion that basically didn't want you to get skin cancer *too* quickly.

    I am also guilty of keeping sunscreen far past its proper date. In fact, I keep it in the fridge. If it's anything like bread, it's still good. I think.

  2. You should ebay that shit. It is "vintage" now and I am sure some snot-nosed-rich-but-misunderstood kid will pay about $50 for it...

    I remember days before SPF anything. It was a time of tanning oil, not sunblock...