Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Guy

Sure, I'm one. But more importantly I watch the show.

I was pleased to find out that one of the main writers, Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, is a real person. It's great seeing that name pop up on the credits. Most people think it's made up, some kind of inside joke from the staff. Nope, she's real. American born with Thai parents - makes sense.

She studied to be a lawyer and then decided to chuck it all and move to LA. And voila! She became a writer. Heard a similar story about Terence Winter, head writer for The Sopranos, The Wire and now Broadwalk Empire. He practiced law for 2 years, knew he wanted to be a writer, moved to LA - without ever writing anything, found a day job and wrote at night. Voila, he became a writer.

Also, just confirmed that Seth Galifianakis is Zach's alter ego, not his real brother. (Yes, I suspected it all along). I think it's pretty cool that every time Zach goes into that character he has to shave off his massive red beard.

I'm quite certain he never went to law school, but I did hear one of his first gigs was as a writer on Saturday Night Live - a job he did not want. It seems he auditioned to be an actor and got a call back, but when he showed up for work they told him was supposed to write. He lasted 2 weeks before leaving. And now he's an actor.

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