Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gmail Shout Out

Just want to give a big "Fuck You!" to gmail and their whole hierarchy structure set up.

I never liked the format but I signed up for a gmail account because someone told me it was the only hip email client to have these days.

The way they group email senders and subjects takes some getting used to. I know they're trying to save some space as compared to the straight top to bottom listing found in most other clients, but I was always afraid that if I commented or forwarded an email to someone else everyone in the string would see it. It's just not that clear when you look at your email lists who can see what.

I know other services are now following suit (e.g. Hotmail) but it's a pain in the ass to expand all or collapse all to see what's going on.

My major gripe was spurred on by an email I was awaiting a response to this past week. I've been corresponding with someone who is inching me closer to a life-altering career change I've been hoping to make (just a small thing in my miserable life). This person emailed me to say he had a meeting in the morning with a director regarding a script I wrote and would report back once he got more info on it.

The director just had a very successful independent film released this past summer and is well respected in the industry. My contact who is a big supporter of the script has some good connections to him and has his ear, so I thought this would be a "real" meeting.

As the hours in the day ticked by I kept checking my email to see if a response had come in. It was a morning meeting and I figured either with good news or bad I'd hear something. I waited patiently. I didn't want to seem like the desperate, delusional writer that I am and harangue my contact. During this time, I imagined the different scenarios playing out - mostly negative ones.

The director probably told my contact how pathetic the script was and that he should never reach out to him again. And to top it off, he would report my name to the writer's guild to ensure no one else would have to be subjected to such garbage in the future. The story got more elaborate as the day went on - because I had not heard anything.

Finally, in the evening, I sent an email to my contact: "I'm dying here. Anything transpire?"

Again, I checked my emails throughout the night. The next day I was heading out on a 2-day trip and was hoping to have some resolution before I left.

I kept looking for the new email icon to pop up on my phone. Every time it buzzed I quickly checked the  inbox. All I was getting was spam. Saturday, Sunday, Monday - nothing on the script.

Was the news that bad? My contact had been pretty responsive in the past. This must be really awful to hear nothing.

Today, I decided to search my inbox again and re-look at the email string. Maybe I read the message wrong. Maybe the meeting was next week.

I did a search, found the grouping and went through the collected emails that were passed back and forth over the weeks. I scrolled to the bottom and saw that a response had actually come in. It had come shortly after I queried my contact on Friday, but I never saw it. It probably got mixed in with a spam message but I didn't see it because the frickin' gmail set up sucks!

I opened the message that I fretted about. "Meeting was postponed because Ray was sick. Re-scheduled for early November." And while the news was neither good nor bad I just want to say fuck you again, gmail. That's 4 days of my life I'll never get back.


  1. Looks like you may want to go to Settings and turn 'Conversation View' off! I've had similar instances where I didn't see replies cause they got buried down at the bottom of a long chain.

  2. I hope it gets better for you because you sound too much like me. This is interesting take care.

  3. I agree! Fuck gmail! I have a smelly old gmail account now, but ONLY because my yahoo account was randomly sending out invites to porn sites and Viagra ads...constantly.

    Well, maybe gmail is okay.