Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Business Proposal - Check

Now, the business side of the movie business starts to takeover.

Interestingly, the script is on the back burner and showing the money is front and center. We're now at the point where we need to make offers to talent and start securing critical crew members.

Our budget has been set and we need about half of that to get started. Happily, we have a major commitment towards that goal. Now, we need to raise a bit more to round out a figure that will enable us to be taken more seriously.

To that end, the latest bit of creative writing has involved a business proposal. While not an outright solicitation of funds, it is a document for the investors so they can better understand the project. More specifically, how are they going to make their money back and do the people they are giving their money to have any clue as to what they are doing.

The document makes things seem more real even if Hollywood isn't. Or as Alan Arkin's character says in Argo: "You want to lie to Hollywood, a town where everybody lies for a living."